About ARYA
About Arya Steam Cleaning

We establish this company due to lack of having chemical-free and eco-friendly cleaning company being 100% trustworthy and efficient, so after studying and working on how to serve our people around us, we gathered all necessary information of this criteria including number one machinery and know-how, then ARYA Steam Cleaning Services was born and now there are few Steam Cleaning Companies in the market that unfortunately they carry “The Steam” term , but not the concept and productivity of the steam that is to say, they are using either the old and traditional way of producing steam that produces “Wet Steam“ or Low Temperature Steam, containing “Humidity and Heat”. These two elements “Humidity and Heat” are the main cause of the bacteria, mold, fungus and similar harmful parasites creation and growth which ends up getting The Parasitic Infectious Diseases.

But what We do is producing High temperature Saturated Dry Steam up to 1800 by the use of The Highest Quality Italian Steam Generator Machinery which kills and eliminates all harmful Parasites and bacterium up to 99.99% which is proved scientifically( certificate is available in our website ).

According to the professionalism, technological, commercial experience and competence of the Tecnovap Company earning over 30 years, this number one European company is the one and only leader of producing the steam generator machinery which is proudly 100% made by Italy. Our Steam Generator Machine Produces dry steam up to 1800 C heat which kills and eliminates 99.99% of all bacterium ,Parasites, Bedbugs and etc. so as a result you will have a safe and secure environment even without using any chemicals.

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