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Aircraft Cleaning

Aircraft cleaning is one of the majority of our business, but we have other functions such as pest control & Termite control, Interior design, Building cleaning services, Yacht cleaning services and water tank cleaning services which is ramping up quite well. The UAE market is the global hub for many different activities. Therefore, this creates a desire for competitors to enter the market. Since they are increasing aircraft orders in the gulf market, they need aircraft cleaning services business too.

Our specialization, expertise and experience enabled us to tap into the Gulf market. Moreover, it’s our compassion and pursuit of quality that adds value to our service. However, speed and expertise are main components of the cleaning. We respond within 60 minutes once our customer makes a call and we also take into consideration the ground time of the aircraft. We are capable of turning the aircraft with the required service, equipment and manpower. Also, we make sure our crews are properly hydrated, rested and outfitted for the temperatures. We have open-relations with our clients about their budget and expectations so we can then customize our service accordingly.

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