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Subterranean termite’s colony is made of a queen, king, soldiers, workers & supplemental reproductive. The colony in the soil is not destroyed it is perpetuated by the supplementary reproductive. The swarming process to form new colonies is always repeated in the spring and fall of each year.

The queen burrows into the ground to reach the moisture line, hatches nymphs which they become workers. These workers are the destructive geniuses that case hundreds of millions of dollars damage annually as they gather their food. Termites are very resilient, before you know it, termites construct mud tunnels and tubes and make their way from their colonies in the soil to the structural timbers of building, searching for food anything made of cellulose, i.e. wood works, carpets, door boxes and frames, even the furniture in your home or business and the books on your shelves and valuable business and merchandise.

ARYA applying its two application of treatment program for extermination termites.

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